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Cremation options and Information:

The information contained in here is meant help you through the first steps in prearranging and recording your wishes as they relate to you. This page contains information and options concerning services ending in cremation. Why do we say services ending in cremation? It is simply that cremation is merely a form of disposition.

Cremation may consist of anything from visiting hours and a funeral service or funeral mass to a direct disposition. You may also individualize a service that meets your wishes, as well as the needs of your family and friends to provide them with the opportunity to come together in a formal ceremony to acknowledge that a life has been lived and that a death has occurred. People making their own funeral arrangements should keep in mind, funerals are for the living they are to help family and friends say good bye to a loved one.

We hope the following brief descriptions will be helpful and informative . A funeral director would be more than willing to meet with you at your home or in one of our conveniently located funeral homes. At this meeting the funeral director will go through with you the information necessary to complete those services you have selected. Your funeral director will also go through all related charges and expenses as well as provide you with a copy of our General Price List , Casket Price and Urn Price List. You are also entitled by law to receive a copy of an estimate for those services that you have discussed.

Cremation Options:

Direct cremation includes, removal from place of death (within 15 mile radius) to funeral, care and temporary shelter of remains, necessary services of funeral director and staff, securing necessary permits and authorizations for cremation, transportation of the body from the funeral home to a local crematory, a minimum alternative container**, receiving the cremated remains from the crematory and notification of a designee that the are ready to be picked up.

*(In the case of Direct Cremation embalming is not required by law. If you select services that do not require embalming you are not required to pay for embalming.)
** An alternative container may be made of materials like heavy cardboard or composition materials.

The crematory requires that when a person is brought to them for cremation the body must be in some type of rigid container, i.e. an alternative container.

Direct Cremation With Memorial Services At Funeral Home Or Other Facility.
Direct Cremation with Memorial Services include all of those goods and services in a Direct Cremation plus the following additional services: Use of the facilities for the Memorial Services along with the support of our professional staff to coordinate the services at the funeral home or the necessary staff, equipment to conduct and attend memorial services in a facility other than the funeral home.

Cremation With Services And Cremation Container Of Your Choice
Services with the body present for a combined visitation period and funeral service provides a time for the family and friends to gather informally to pay their respects, as well as an established time to gather for a funeral ceremony. This service includes the support of our funeral direct and staff, embalming, full use of the facilities for visitation and service (held same day), automotive equipment for removal of the body from place of death to the funeral home (within a 15 mile radius) and transportation of the body to local crematory, and memorial package.

These options represent some of those types of services we have arranged for families we have served. A licensed funeral director can discuss with you your wishes and together individualize a service that meets your needs and the needs of those you leave behind. A complete price list will be provided to you at the funeral home along with a itemized statement of funeral goods and services.

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