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You have expressed an interest in pre-arranging a funeral for either yourself, for a family member or a friend. The reasons for pre-planning a funeral are as varied as there are people wanting to make pre-arrangements.

Some for financial reasons, some to reduce assets for Medicaid Eligibility, some just for the peace of mind that pre- arranging and pre-planning can provide.

The "Funeral" is meant to be a therapeutically helpful experience to facilitate the grief process . To allow family and friends to gather together to pay their final respects, as well as establish a time for a some kind of ceremony. This can be achieved through memorialization and tributization. Funerals are for the living and we need to acknowledge that a life has been lived and also that it has ended.

The process is relatively simple. Once you have had the chance to look through this information it would be advisable to contact the funeral home. A licensed funeral director will discuss your concerns, and thoughts as well as answer any questions you may have with regards to pre-arranging a funeral and the services you would like at the time of need.

The pre-arrangement consist of recording the information that is needed at the time of death. The information used to complete the legal documents necessary to facilitate burial, cremation, or other alternative forms of disposition. We also will go through the information that would be used to compose the paid newspaper notices and obituary information. You can also record your wishes as to service details, music, readings and other requests with regards to your funeral arrangements.

The following information is designed to provide you with some ideas of the basic components of funeral services. What we have put together here are some packages of services that are most often chosen. However we can with your input help you individualize a funeral that meets your needs, cultural and religious beliefs.

Keeping all this in mind I hope the following information is helpful.

Traditional Funeral :
The traditional funeral would include but not be limited to the following : Services of funeral director and staff, embalming, use of facilities for a one day visitation period (i.e. 2-4 & 7-9 PM, 4-8 PM, 5-9 PM, or 7-9 PM), use of facilities on a separate day for funeral services or when services are in a facility other than the funeral home, removal from place of death to the funeral home, a limousine the morning of the funeral, a hearse the morning of the funeral, register book, acknowledgment cards, coordination direction and supervision of the funeral arrangements.

Combined Visitation and Funeral on the same day:
This package of services would include all those services mention in the "Traditional Funeral" except that the visiting hours and the funeral service would be held the same day ( example, visitation period from 9-11 AM with services at 11 AM). There would be a an allowance for not using the funeral home on a separate day.

Immediate Burial with Graveside Services:
The graveside service package includes; services of funeral director and staff, removal from place of death to funeral home, preparation for burial *(does not include embalming) necessary staff, equipment, and supervision of graveside service, transportation of body to cemetery.

Direct Burial (no services at funeral home or cemetery)
This package of services includes limited services of funeral director and staff, filing death certificate, obtain burial permit, removal from place of death to funeral home, and transportation of body to cemetery.(in the case of direct burial there is no embalming, no viewing or services either at the grave side or the funeral home. The burial will take place at the convenience of the funeral home and cemetery.)

Donation of body to a Medical School:
coordination of body donation with regard to filing necessary certificates, permits and authorizations. Transportation involved with body donation, i.e. removal from place of death to funeral home and transportation from funeral home to local Medical School.

A separate "Casket Price List" and **"Outer Burial Container Price List" are available at the funeral home. The cost of casket and outer burial container would be added to those services you select.

During the pre arranging process we would go through with you an "Estimate of Funeral Goods and Services" along with "Cash Advance Items"(cash advance items are those goods and services that we make arrangements for on your
behalf with others) such as.

1. Opening of grave at cemetery
2. Paid death notices in newspaper
3. Certified copies of death certificate
4. Burial Permit
5. Clergy or Offering for Mass
6. Organist and or Soloist
7. Flowers
8. Stone engraving
9. Hairdresser

**Outer Burial Container are not required by law however, your cemetery may require the use of an outer burial container.
*Except in certain cases embalming is not required by law. If you select funeral arrangements that do not require embalming you are not required to pay for it. Funeral arrangements that do not require embalming would be direct burial or direct cremation. If you select arrangements with public viewing the funeral home requires embalming.

A copy of our "General Price List" is available at the funeral and will be given to you prior to any discussion of funeral arrangements.

The following form can be completed and e-mailed to us along with a description or outline of the type of services you would prefer. We can then keep this information on file to be used by your next of kin at the time of need. If you would like we can also set a time to meet either at one of our conveniently located facilities or one of our licensed funeral directors can come to your home to go over the information and give you and estimate of the cost of those services you would prefer.

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